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I just meant that often sites choose for you initially.
Yes, they do.

I think with Blab the much better option is to offer links, not to default. Allow members to bookmark the version they want to use on mobile/tablet.

The thing with having one header version with a default that comes up based on the device is that, even with a link to switch the view, some devices don't adjust to show you your choice each time you go to the site. That is, the cookie (really the url bookmark) isn't specific to what you selected, so the default comes up every time and the user has to switch.

That is NOT the way to go with Blab. Some people won't care to use the mobile version, ever. Especially as phones become larger. Other people will appreciate the mobile-version navigation, once all the fine-tuning is done.

So, what we will end up with are different url's for the mobile header vs regular header. Whatever you bookmark on your device is what you'll get, with the option to switch.

And btw it is sometimes hard for me to test once Blab has recognized my device/laptop as having an admin login. Even when I switch to my test id's, the system sees that flag. That shouldn't be a problem on mobile BUT I only have one mobile device, so I can't test the others.