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Offered at My Auction Barn, "Cheval de la Mer" is a very unique Morgen Kilbourn Oceania resin, painted by me, Lynn Cassels-Caldwell. This delightful piece was a real artistic challenge for me. I wanted to make sure the colour was accurate, so I approached it as a painting of a white horse swimming, but in 3D.

Research led me to see how colours change under water, the play of light in the waves, and how that ever moving light creates highlights on the horse and sea bed. Plus, I found the real colour of giant kelp and what it looks like in the sea.
"Cheval de la Mer" has been live shown as a Camargue Horse mare, a breed found in a marsh area of France. They are always white. She has earned current NAN cards in both Breed and Workmanship, which are included. Iíll also include the show references. She is a curio size, smaller than a Classic, but larger than a Stablemate.

She was painted in pastels and sealed with many layers of sealer, her eyes & nostrils are glossed. I have won numerous live show championships & reserves with my finish work. She is held by strong magnets atop her kelp supports. The water line "collar" is removable.

She will swim right into your heart!