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Thread: Problem transaction with Lisa Bickford - Triple B Designs

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    Default Problem transaction with Lisa Bickford - Triple B Designs

    I wanted to let people know about my transaction so people are informed and can make wise choices. I never knew this was a recurring theme with this seller until I checked blab in the middle of this. Here's my story so far...

    April 10 - I inquired about Paddock Pal on MHSP. Since it was small asked for reduce shipping.

    April 11 - Reply from Lisa, still have item, reduced shipping is fine.

    April 12 - I sent payment

    April 22 - No horse yet. I sent a nice email saying that 'paypal still shows the item as not shipped. Can I get the tracking if you sent him a different way?'

    April 22 - I got a reply - "OH CRAP!!! I forgot!! I'll get him right out!! This past few weeks has been crazy....I'm having to put my dog down...and work is kicking my butt at the same time. I'm off on Friday - I'll get him on this way to you."

    At this point I was wondering about it all as I've seen her selling forever. I know she had a shop at one time and should be one to know how to ship things. So I came to the blab TTB and did a lot of 'interesting' reading.

    May 1 - No horse. Another polite email 'can I get tracking for horse? Still shows not shipped...'

    May 6 - No horse or response. another email 'can I get the status of my horse? Paid on the 12th no reply since the 22nd...'

    May 6 - Her response "I'm out if town until Saturday night...when I get home let me check on him."

    May 12 - I opened a paypal dispute this morning. I figured it was the only way I had left to encourage her to ship the horse.

    I know it was a small transaction and I'm not worried as I'll either get the horse or my money back. (I really would like the horse as that's why I sent money in the first place, lol.) But I wanted people to know that she is still up to her old habits.

    Mary Dillon
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