I wish I had seen the sticky in the Be Aware thread sooner. Pamela sent me numerous e-mails about a Chanel I had for sale, wanting more photos, deciding that she wanted to buy the item and paid in full. She said it was a gift for her sister "Toby Vandervaulk" (which is also herself according the the be aware thread). I specifically listed the horse as shelf or body quality and she e-mailed me after receiving it deeply upset with the condition and claiming I did not disclose flaws and wanting a partial of $25 refund so her artist friend could repair it. I did not send her any refund of the cost and will not be. I have copies of all emails sent between us (in numerous separate e-mails which makes the timeline a bit confusing) as well as a copy of my ad for the horse. If anything else arises from this I will be sure to update. I would NOT recommend doing business with her and will not allow her to purchase from me again. I would leave reds, but seeing as she did pay for the horse, I feel that is a little unwarranted and instead and currently leaving strong warning yellow lights.

Heather Puleo