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I got no reply whatsoever however I can no longer log in. When I try to log in on the site, now it says error 404.... and I notice a bunch of OLD panjo ads updating today here on blab saying "no longer available"

I have NO IDEA what's going on but I'm ASSUMING they have deleted the account and just didn't reply?
I think you can ignore whatever you see there now. I got an email from them ... they were trying to run a routine maintenance on all their sites and apparently it's all messed up. It duplicated a bunch of old ads, and access seems to be come & go, among other things. I would suggest giving Panjo a rest for a time as this sorts out.

I moved out all the ads that appeared to be old duplicates. Didn't delete them, so if you are missing one posted today and want it back, let me know the details and I can fish it out for you.

Those ads that are posted on Blab that are active seem to be fine. They show up in the Classifieds section, and people can negotiate those as they usually do. At present you may not have access to pay through Panjo, but almost no one does in any case.

It is rather a shame a they seem to have gotten the ad site in much better order. But the management of it is the problem.