So, yes, I did something that was a pretty big gamble. I purchased from a brand new seller with 0 feedback. My mistake. I realized after I'd bid...

Since they are a new seller, they don't have a paypal account set up. So, while the charge goes through on my credit card and is already due, eBay thinks that the payment is still pending.

The sale was almost 2 weeks ago and I paid within 24 hours. The seller went AWOL for about 5 days. No messages, nothing. Finally, I get a message that the seller was out-of-town and will ship.

I figure they going to do something to "accept" their payment. I expect them to mark the item sent. Nope.

Today, I receive the item. It is still marked as "payment pending" at eBay. And, yesterday, eBay sent me a reminder about paying, even though I have paid.

The seller claims Paypal is giving them trouble claiming the money and that they will have to call paypal. It is still out-standing, so despite my requests to clear this up, they haven't.

It's a new seller and I shouldn't have bid on an auction from someone without experience. But, it looks like eBay is about to ding me as non-paying? Do I need to just open a case against the seller? I really hate to when I have the item I purchased just fine.