The "Parents!" forum has been quiet ... but Blab has some parents that would like to connect with other Blab parents and share the highs and lows of parenting. If you are interested but don't yet have access, PM Mary for access (click here).

"Parents" has been a Blab feature for many years, although not active recently. So, in response to some parents who are interested in making connections, Parents! has been moved from underneath General Off Topic to make it more visible on the main forum page.

Who may participate? Parents and future parents ... parents with children of ANY age from newborn to very, very grown ... grandparents ... raising or helping raise children with any sort of relationship ... your wisdom is needed! You don't have to have children at all if you have something to add.

Why is access by request? We don't want to discourage participation! We'd just like to avoid casual "drive-bys" from those who aren't really interested in ongoing participation.

Come join in and share the support of some wonderful Blab parents!