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Thread: eChecks: Info & Tips for eBay and Paypal

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    Default Buyers: How to Cancel an eCheck

    This is a murky topic and it can be hard to find specific instructions - eBay and Paypal are not encouraging cancellation by buyers!

    • If an eCheck has never been claimed by the recipient - for instance, if it was sent to an incorrect email address - your transaction history will list the eCheck as "Unclaimed". There are options to proceed from there. The money is returned to your Paypal balance, NOT to your bank account.

    • If an eCheck has been accepted by the recipient, normal process is that the recipient can only give a refund after it clears. The refund also has to go through the 3 to 5 day clearing process before being credited to the sender's Paypal balance (not their bank account balance).

    Sellers: Do not ship before the payment is marked as cleared! Although it is not easy to do, it is possible for some buyers to cancel before the payment clears.

    Sellers: Refunds of eChecks can't be processed until after the payment clears.

    Buyers: If you want to speed up shipping by canceling or refunding your eCheck and pay instead by credit card or from your Paypal balance, be aware of the above processes and waiting times!
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