Here's a quote from one of Ms. Mary's threads that shows a visual of how big a signature can be.
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For quick sig height check help ...
scroll down to Post #6


Blab's signature size limit of
200 pixels high
and 600 pixels wide
reduces the vertical scroll required to read thread pages, and keeps Blab tidier overall. All members, free and paid, are allowed to have signatures.

If you barely know a pixel from a pony, please keep reading for help on fitting your signature content to Blab's limitations.

To create/restore a signature
Click "My Panel" from the blue bar at the top of the forum.
Select "Edit Signature" from the left side (scroll down)
Use the edit box, and the preview button below it

All members are asked to compare the space
their signature is taking with the block below.
NOTE: Use one of your longer posts to compare.
A short post will stretch the sig height ... the post matches the height of the left name box.

  • Blab's new automated filter doesn't affect total sig size, but only restricts total lines and uploads of individual photos.
  • Blab can't limit or resize the signature box itself (with all contents.)
  • The member is responsible for visually comparing and editing their signature to fit these dimensions.
  • Blab can't stop you from uploading more photos than you should, or making font sizes overflow the allowed space. Members must compare and limit their sig size.

Going forward ... oversized sigs ...
  • the 1st catch - sig may be deleted without advance warning
  • the 2nd catch - sig privileges will be removed

Hey that sounds tough and mean!! But too much mod time ends up being spent on sigs since unfortunately many people repeat the offense over and over.

Thanks to all members for understanding,
and for helping us keep this universal Blab benefit sound!
So in other words, a pet with a background, a draft, a Pegasus, a unicorn, and I think all adult versions of the dragons are too big to use as a signature pet. Normal line art dogs, cats, lions, ponies, chameleons, chickens, deer without antlers, and all small pets like bunnies, hamsters, and PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome babies) should be fine.

Examples: too tall
The background and the antlers are both too high.

Examples: just (barely) right

the fennec line art and the regular horse are both the exact height of the signature limit, so any text posted above or below them would exceed the limit. However text posted beside them should be fine.

if the pet you want to use is less than the height of your first thumb joint, it is probably okay. If it is taller than the fox or horse, it's too tall. (I've gotten a warning about signature height before so I've been down this creek. I wasn't sure if a dog would be too tall or not, so my siggy is a wee little hamster hiding behind toy horses. This post is helping me visualize the size better. ) I'll link this post to the CS thread too, so if anyone hasn't seen it yet, they'll get a heads up.