Majorly too tall.

(As is the image in your sig currently. )

At the top right of the forum page, compare a section of your thumb (or other finger) with the two banner ads, top to bottom. Just the ads. Be careful about using a fingernail that may change lengthy, just go with the bit of finger. That will give you a "rule of thumb".

For me, my first finger, folded in, from the first to the second joint is the right height. As an example.

Do you have the image editing program Paint installed on your computer? You can google it and download it for free. Then, if you download the chicken smoothie image to your computer, you can open it in Paint and use the image resize function to shrink it to exactly 200 px vertical. Easy. Other photo editors will allow you to do the same thing, and you probably have some installed.

At this moment, in the posts above this one in this thread, Silverfang07 and Lupineleigh both have nice re-sized images in their sigs, as examples.