Ends in just 2 days and still at her starting price of $200 with no reserve! Check her out here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hellcat-Cust...8AAOSwubRXKUEB

Her description from ebay: Up for auction is "Hellcat" a one of a kind custom Breyer Ruffian to a biting thoroughbred mare. The artist is myself, Amanda Crist, of C-Dragon Studio. Hellcat was inspired by the famous photo "The Savage" that depicts a racehorse biting the horse next to him. To get this look the original model had its head turned, jaw opened and detailed teeth, tongue, and curled lips sculpted in. She has pinned ears, a slightly lifted foreleg, re-sculpted neck, detailed mare parts added, and additional newly sculpted hair in both the mane and tail. She has been painted a lovely classic dark bay with dappling and has 3 white sock and a blaze. White markings are softly shaded for realism and her hooves and eyes are also detailed with realistic coloring. She was painted using a combination of airbrushing, hand-painted acrylics, and pastel detailing. She is sealed in several layers of matte sealant and has had her eyes and inside of the mouth glossed. Hooves are sealed in satin semi-gloss. Photos were taken under studio lighting with and without a photo box and additional lighting. The photos fairly accurately represent her color but computer screens may differ. In person she looks a bit less reddish and more towards brown and gold in the highlights. She has a much softer, realistic look in person. Hellcat has been shown once at a local fun show where she placed 1st in custom sport breed and received champion custom. Her ribbons will be included with her. Although LSQ is a subjective term, I would not hesitate to show this model at larger shows. Although I'm not a super fast artist and don't have a lot of pieces out there, my customs have placed at many shows both fun and NAN qualifying.

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