It's serious this time ...

We need to make some t-shirt decisions fast to fit in the turnaround time, well before Breyerfest!

From the last t-shirt run ... just to get an idea ... we will update the design for this year!

old-design sleeve = Real Name over Blab Username
old-design front = pocket-area design
old-design back = Qwerty, the horse made out of punctuation symbols

A closer look at Qwerty.

Designed by Ramie
(for the record, the original idea was mine! )

And here are a few 'real' old-design shirts in just a few of the various colors - the short sleeve is folded over to show the name

We will figure out an updated design !!!

But FIRST ... some business to conduct ...

Important Consideration 1)
Blabbers want individual selections of color and style
(such as fitted (yes will be available) vs loose; v-neck or crew neck; etc.).

Important Consideration 2)
Blabbers want some customization choices.
Last time there was an option to have your Real Name and your Blab Username on the sleeve. Some wanted both; some wanted one; some opted not to have their name. We would like to have those choices for each person.

Important Consideration 3)
Price & Return
- with and without name customization, targeting <$29 per shirt. People would like to be able to return something that won't work.

So, with the above in mind ...

OPTION A - online company ($$)
I've done some hasty research on the possibilities of offering Blab t-shirts through an online ordering company that would actually handle the product for us. Nice selection, some individual customization options. Blab might make this available going forward (such as Zazzle and/or Cafepress, which includes a 30 day return). BUT - for our immediate purpose,
  • returns are offered,
  • can't put anything on the sleeve,
  • design on one side only (either front or back),
  • no customization (name/username) with Cafepress, limited with Zazzle,
  • price is a concern - even a basic shirt with the design and no customization will be $30 or more, BEFORE tax/shipping.

OPTION B - one-run order
If I coordinate a one-run order as I've done before,
  • the price may be $5 or more lower than online,
  • but there are very limited options to return the shirt (assume you can't with customization),
  • can do front & back design,
  • we can put custom names on the sleeve.

For $5 less we get more ... but with a limited time for ordering.

Would you pick online ordering, or one-run ordering?
(See the poll above!)
(Minimum 24 shirts ordered with one-run ordering.)

Either way, we'll be ordering VERY SOON to get shirts out to everyone by the end of June!

If one-run ordering is the popular choice now, within a few months Blab will make the standing online ordering available through Cafepress and/or Zazzle. Not right away because frankly we will need all the orders we can get for the one-run option.

Bring on the commentary !!!