So a lot of people want the V-neck!

And so far the one-run order is way in the lead!!

But ... not all that many votes so far. Blab has far more members online Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, so we will see what is trending in a few days ...

Our one-run order guy is super. He goes above & beyond, and he was ok with some 'special' t-shirts in the mix, last time. If one-run is the winner, will do all I can to accommodate people on design as well as size, etc. One good thing about Cafepress and Zazzle is that they do have a selection of various t-shirt designs.

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Blab name? Or real name? Definitely want one! I favor blue!
Last time, most people did both. But you can do either! Or none!

If people wear them to Breyerfest and other people notice the name on the sleeve "oh there's Blabber NPOD-Diva ... what's her first name again?" before saying 'hi' ... well, something to think about. But it is up to the individual.

That is kind of a cool idea to put things such as OF China on the sleeve ... will ask about that.