Thanks for the many great suggestions - dunno if we would have used them, but I loved them !!!

Unfortunately, it is now sadly apparent that Blab joins other web forums that have recently had to close down off-topic political discussion. There is just too much emotion - understandably - to be able to moderate and maintain a civil discussion, here on Blab. We did try. It's not going to work.

There is too much that's toxic, and there is no upside for Blab.

So, very sadly and reluctantly, for the foreseeable future we will have to forego political discussion on Blab. The politics forum can still be read. But with no new posting.

Other off-topic subjects are just fine and there will be plenty of that to keep us interested.

I won't say that political discussion will not be opened up again sometime, but can't anticipate when that might be.

Fortunately there are many other places on the web where political discussion can be conducted.

So that's where it is ... now, back to the real subject, model horses!