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    Default BLAB Half-Birthday PHOTO CONTEST & Exhibit

    Blab's Half-Birthday Photo Contest & Exhibit

    Why "Half-Birthday"?

    Blab had to miss the "normal real birthday" contest last August ... it will return August 2017 ....
    but in the meantime let's make up for things a little bit!

    ================================================== ==================

    Please Join our Photo Exhibit (not a contest) ...
    Show us one of Your First Dozen Models - From your Carpet Herd!

    Any Condition ... We care more about Love than Style in this Exhibit
    Not Judged ... Just to Share!

    See below for links to upload how-to's (and other information)

    (contest below ... )

    ================================================== ==================

    Photo Contest Theme
    Model Horses on Winter Vacation!

    All Blab will Vote for the Winner

    ... scroll down to the Winter Vacation Contest Rules & Guidelines below ...

    Rules for the Model Horses on Winter Vacation

    Deadline for Entries: January 25th, 2017

    Who may enter

    Blab members who joined on or before January 15, 2017
    and who have at least 10 posts since Jan. 1, 2016 (in the last year)

    Entry Limit is 2 Photo Entries per Member

    Judging will be by Vote - All Members may vote
    • Voters are asked to Vote for the Photo Scene, not the individual models
    • Voters are asked to vote for appeal and creativity in a photo representing the theme

    Links to

    Entries & Rules
    - An entry is one photo of a scene of one or more model horses on a winter vacation.
    - Any aspect of the vacation may be depicted (included preparation, travel, etc.), but the photo should obviously depict a vacation.
    - The vacation may be wintry, tropical, or any other vacation available during mid-winter.
    - The main subject must be one or more model horses. Any number of model horses are allowed.
    - The model horse(s) may be realistic or unrealistic.
    - The photo may be of a realistic or unrealistic scene.
    - Other species of models may appear in the photo (including humans, of course).
    - Props, settings and backgrounds are encouraged.
    - The model(s) can be photographed from any angle or aspect to create the scene. This is not a 'halter show', the photo scene will be judged, not just the model.

    Questions about entries and rules will be answered in this thread.

    Ask away!

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