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Thread: Welcome to the Wagonsmith's forum gathering place!

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    Welcome wagonsmiths!

    Thanks, Mary, for giving these folks a place to gather and discuss with all of us the history and building techniques for horse-drawn vehicles. It's an art that very few are working in these days, and many of them work quietly in their basements and workshops without a chance to converse with other builders. I hope this forum gives them a chance to discuss with all of us different types of horse-drawn vehicles, share tricks for building at small scales, and mentor others who want to get into this special part of the hobby.

    I hope all Blabbers will jump in to offer encouragement to these talented folks. Please remember that most of them do this for fun and do not intend to show, so their building styles may differ from what you'd expect to see at model shows. However, for those that want to get into showing, your feedback will be helpful.

    Wagonsmithing is interesting to me personally, since my dad used to build wagons and carriages for my models. I love seeing what others are building, and am very excited about this new forum!
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