Welcome, Wagonsmiths!

Thanks to our friend Eleda at Triple Mountain for letting Blab know that there are makers of hobby-scale wagons and harness who would like a place to converse, online!

Because some of those who will be participating on this forum may not be familiar with Blab, or with the hobby, I suggest that, if Blab is new to you, to give the FAQs/Rules a scan-through. Especially, please be aware that, while you can mention someone else in the hobby context, we don't share personal information about them here - such as family info and family events, address or email, although you can mention where they live in general. While we often feel like close friends and family, this is the internet, and many eyes are reading without commenting, not all of them known to us.

If you'd like to share photos in your posted comments we would love to see them! I am hoping we'll have quite a few photos to browse, both to enjoy and to learn. There are several different ways to display photos in your posts ...

- Blab has a photo attachment system (link). Following links and prompt boxes, you can upload photos to Blab to display in your post. However, Blab has a limit on how may photos it can host, and on the size of the photos. So while it is fine to use the attachments, I encourage one of the other two methods ...

- Or, use your own online photo album (link) for uploading and post a display link on Blab. Off-Blab album sites such as Flickr or Photobucket provide a link to individual photos that can be placed in a Blab post ... follow these instructions, it's easy once you know how.

- Or, use an image-link site (link) such as postimage.org. This is probably the easiest, with the caveat that it is not related to Blab and I know little about it other than that it works. We are advised not to use the "thumbnail" option with this one ... otherwise, it will help resize your image if that needs to be done.

Do you have a question about how something works on Blab?

Post your question in the Blab Support forum (link). Members as well as mods are more than happy to offer help!

Here is a link to some basic how-to's for creating and dressing up a post, from the FAQ/Rules.

Please do not offer to sell, buy or trade anything, or offer paid services, within this sub-forum of Blab.

You may post such offers if you join as a paid member and post them in the Sales Forum
(scroll down the main page to find it, or click here).

Here is how you can offer to sell, buy or trade on Blab ...
- Subscribe to a paid membership so you can post offers and services in the Sales Forum. You can do that through the links in Blab's top header, My Blab > Paid Subscriptions. Subs are $18/year or $1.80/month. You are welcome to opt in and out of the monthly sub as often as you like, something you control by following the cancellation instructions.

- And/or, use Blab's private message system to contact another member 'behind the scenes'. On the left side of each post in the member's name. Click to show the link to send them a message. You can see messages sent and received through the top header link My Blab > Inbox, or unread inbound messages through the link My New Content.

- And/or, all members are allowed to dress up their signature area and even show paid services there, in compliance with Blab's narrow height limit. The signature is not self-limiting, unfortunately, however here is a link to a height guide. You can also PM Mary for help with your signature.

We look forward to having wagonsmith discussions, and to seeing your photos of your work!