Here's a funny story for everyone. My biggest challenge when asking my dad to build a wagon was that he was easily distracted and couldn't wait to try every new idea that came his way. (Okay, so now you all know where I get it...)

The horse trailer above is actually the second one he built. While building the first version, a friend of his visited and asked if he could make a cribbage board for him. Well, those two things intermingled in his mind, and seven or eight cribbage boards later, he finished my horse trailer. Calling me down to unveil it, he was grinning like a kid. I told him I really liked it.... "But wait!" he said. "Check THIS out!" He grabbed the trailer's roof, which lifted off in his hand to reveal that the underside of it was actually a cribbage board that fit right back down onto the trailer when flipped over. There was a deck of cards where the manger would be, and last but absolutely not least, he then pulled out the tail lights, which were actually wooden pins for the board, colored red and yellow!

It was hilarious, and impressive. Of course, I didn't get to keep that one - He wanted to keep showing it off to people - so he built me the "new and improved" normal one you see above.