Just a word of encouragement to those of you are just starting out. you don't have to spend the whole "Dang rent check " to start these. I started with Collecta draft horses and the harness were fabricated from shoestring. Very easy to work and fun too. The wagons are another story, you start by looking them up on the internet for research and the you build. I have an older scroll saw and a table saw set up out on my porch, so all the sawdust stays out there, well not all but most. Every craft store and site on the internet will sell you balsa wood, wheels ,glue, paint and of course the ever important "Stuff". Then you try to make yours look like the ones you researched, and you are on your way. Don't worry if you encounter mistakes along the way, remember you haven't spent the whole car payment on supplies. I have thrown a few across the kitchen in frustration, but balsa wood doesn't weigh very much so it doesn't do too much damage. And you learn from the mistakes and don't repeat them, and the things that work remember for the next one. Remember back when you first started walking, that didn't always go right but you stayed with it and you learned, at least We hope you did.
I mainly do it for therapy and rehab, I had 5 heart attacks, lost a lobe of lung to cancer, have COPD, PAD, walk with a cane but I mainly do it because I enjoy it, And you can too, just try. Here endeth the gospel for today, I'm sorry but I tend to preach once in a while, bear with me please,,Thanks