Welcome, Papaone1! It is wonderful to see your work! And Eleda's papa's, too.

I hope you will be showing and telling us more about what you do, and bringing any other wagonsmiths you know along with you! Would love to see this take off, even though Eleda tells me there are not many of you. I hope this will be a great place to allow wagonsmiths to converse with each other.

Do you have a background in horses and wagons, or is this just something that caught your interest?

I have a question! Recently I read two Caleb Carr novels, set in turn-of-the-last-century New York City with great historical detail. One of the principal characters 'keeps' a wheeled vehicle they call a "calash". I found some rough descriptions online, but I wondered how accurate they are. This was a one-horse vehicle and I was a bit confused if the passengers had shelter or not, and if the driver also had shelter. Whatever it is, it is small enough to get around crowded NYC in the day, pulled by one horse.

Are you familiar with that type of vehicle - do you have a reference photo for it? How large was it, really? If this isn't really your line, perhaps you know someone who knows?

Just curious about it ... thanks !