calash.jpgInteresting question, A calash was usually a single seat forward facing and modeled like a Vis-a-Vis ( roughly translated "face to face") which was a two seat carriage. Some were covered, some had fold down tops. Usually the driver sat on a raised and uncovered high seat for better visibility. I suppose these are the horse drawn version of a yellow cab. A fully enclosed passenger with an exposed driver would be referred to as a brougham. A two wheeled version on this design was usually referred to as a barouche, and all served the same purpose, to get folks from where they were to where they needed to be. And I hope this helps. It is confusing because everyone has a different perspective and many were called names other than the correct ones, and then add the multi-national make up of the city and all of the nomenclature gets blurred.,,,,,,,,,,,,Loren