Even though my dad has passed, I'd like to share some of his wagons.

First up is a hitch we called T&T, because the horses pulling it were named Terminator and Tripoli. It's a hay rides wagon, complete with hay, steps to load passengers, a chalk board advertising the rides, and a safety chain across the back to keep people safely inside the vehicle.

Next is his chuckwagon. He had a lot of fun with this one - He and my mom collected all the little accessories to stock the pantry in the back, and what he couldn't buy, he whittled, including a skillet, cutting board, and tiny knife.

And finally, even though this isn't a horse-drawn vehicle, per se, I had to show it off! I asked for a horse trailer to use as a prop for photo shows, and he spent a long time working on this. It's not a great picture, but it has tail lights, a moveable center divider padded with leather, and leather-wrapped butt chains. There's a manger in the front, too, to keep the horses happy on their journeys. The ramp works, of course, and includes pins on each side for safety, just like the real deal. It's one of my favorite builds that he made for me.