And here is a chance for those of you with sawdust in your pockets and other places to catch up with the herd100_1025.jpg100_1026.jpg100_1027.jpg100_1028.jpgA pair of Ardennes stallions with the firewood sled, OK the ax might be out of scale but just think of Paul Bunyans cousin Herman from the great nort woods, Then Eleda's favorite , a pair of Campolinas stallions with the firewood sleigh, waiting for the teamster to finish his coffee, and my own personal accent , a portable saw mill with a JD Model "E" hit and miss engine. They came in 1/2 , 3, &6 horsepower. Maybe 6 hp is a liitle undersized to run this mill but 2 100 pound flywheels gave 'er momentum. Happy Groundhogs day. Anyone have a crock pot recipe for groundhog???,,,,,,,,,,,,,Loren