Here is the Vis-a-Vis from Triple Mountain Carriage, proudly owned by Eleda Towle, and built & outfitted by Papaone1. The team are "Dolly" & "Pearl" , full sisters one year apart and pretty well matched. Dolly is near and Pearl is lead mare here. Pearl just returned to Wisconsin from Oregon, where she spent the winter working in the woods. Welcome home Pearl. The carriage has a removable or fold down top, your choice for different types of weather> Eleda has been waiting for this one to complete and here is where we are so far. This hitch is known as a " tandem hitch " and it was common in the cities of the eastern US in years gone by. Was a favorite with the wealthy who needed and wanted to be seen by all in a "top shelf Rig and team" Enjoy,,,,,,,,,,,,Loren100_1029.jpg100_1030.jpg100_1031.jpg100_1032.jpg