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Now to add an international flavor to the mix ,here is my version of a Russian Troika. Troika means 3 of them, 3 men , 3 horses, whatever. It is an open sled pulled by 3 horses and you had better dress warmly, cause this ride could get a mite chilly. The Russians don't wear those fur coats and hats just to be fashionable, while driving in Siberia in winter. Does any one know the reason for the hoop over the center horse in photos during research? I don' know if it has a purpose or is merely ornamental, so help me out if you can. Thanks100_1365.jpg100_1366.jpg100_1367.jpg I am going to try to smith a hoop tomorrow and if successful I'll add a photo, but I'm not , making any promises one way or the other.
This is neat! Yeah, i know it is very chilly there and you need to dress warmly, but what of the horses? Do they work so hard pulling that they do not need blankets?