OK because we are getting ready for the winter snowfalls here is a beautiful pair of dapple grays hitched to t a 2 seat cutter. This was the way to get around in winter way back when horsepower came from actual horses. I can remember one of these when I was a boy and it sat and rotted away in grandpas granary. He said he and grandma used to go sparking in that cutter, what ever that was? Before my time for sure.100_1373.jpg100_1374.jpg100_1375.jpg OK can you just imagine riding in that cutter on a winter's eve, not too cold or windy , and 6 inches of new fallen powder snow. There is just some thing kind of wonderful about making the first set of tracks across the meadow, like the cover of a Christmas card or a page on the calendar. Can you just hear the sleigh bells ringing?