Thanks to all for looking! Here is a horse drawn coal fired steam pumper engine fitted with a very fancy pair of Dapple gray Clydesdales. Contrary to popular belief these did not carry any water. The steam engine only drove the pump generating pressures of up to 350 psi. The next vehicle in line was usually a horse drawn water tanker or if you were lucky, to be near a stream or a river, because when the water was gone your pumper was done too. It was a far cry from the fire departments we all know today, but it was still better than the bucket brigade it replaced. Many early fire departments used a hand pumper usually with 6 or 8 men running the handles and they only got up to about 50 psi and like the steamer when the water ran out the pumper was done too. Be sure and thank your local fire dept. members for their service.100_1376.jpg100_1377.jpg100_1378.jpg