I'm a bit late to reply here, but that's only because I've been busy setting up that stellar Honey Wagon here at Triple Mountain's shop! Loren has graciously lent it to us, along with his ice harvesting set-up, for an amazing display we'll be building for a museum!

Skyline Farm Museum in Yarmouth, Maine, has a collection of over 150 antique horse-drawn vehicles, (If you love pics of such things, check out our blog post on our visit - It's loaded with awesome pictures!) and they've asked us to put together a model-scale horse-drawn vehicle display at their museum for the winter and spring events program. We've been collecting vehicles in preparation to set up the public display, and of course, we needed some of Loren's! In fact, I'll proudly say that I requested he build a Honey Wagon - I think it will be the star of the show! What kid (or adult) could resist going home and telling everyone they saw a poop wagon?!?

The display is scheduled to debut on Feb 6 during their Sleigh Day event, and you can bet we'll post pictures on our website blog as soon as we can afterward!

Meanwhile, here's a photo of the vehicles on temporary display at Triple Mountain's store. The Honey Wagon has pride-of-place in the center so we can point it out to everyone, and is flanked on both sides by the works of E.C. Russell, whose family museum we posted about on our blog in 2015:

21-honey wagon (2).jpg

These are just some of the vehicles that will be going into the display - more are still coming. If you're in Northern New England and would like to support the hobby and a great non-profit museum dedicated to preserving our agricultural heritage and teaching skills like harness-making and blacksmithing, we'd invite you to mark your calendars and plan to join us on Feb 6! More information will be available through the museum's Facebook page and our site as the date approaches.

~ Eleda