Ok, this may not be seasonally correct but here it is anyway. This is a depiction of harvesting ice for homes for the "ice box". Yes this is where that term came from. People used to harvest ice from lakes and rivers in the winter time by sawing out blocks or slabs of ice, then load them on a sled or wagon and transport them to a ice house. This was usually a shed or barn where the ice was unloaded, stacked, and covered with sawdust to insulate it With proper care and covering this ice could last well into mid-summer. Then the blocks were loaded onto an ice wagon and delivered to homes and used to keep food fresh and cool. The larger the stack of harvested ice the longer it would last, and blocks were the preferred shape because it aided in the stacking. Remember stacking blocks when you were a child? Same process, Cool100_1174.jpg100_1175.jpg100_1176.jpg100_1177.jpg100_1178.jpg