Beautiful work and lovely collection of vehicles and horses!
These give me such a pleasant nostalgic feeling while I look at them. I have not been around equines very much in real life, and I have been on very few equine pulled vehicles, but they conjure up memories of the few times I have been around equines. I especially remember the horse-drawn hayrides at some of the local farms around here. They put decorations out for Halloween, and the wagons (usually tractor pulled, now) go around the decorations and field of corn. I think of the smell of dust, grass, and horse (much much more pleasant than the smell of diesel exhaust from tractors or trucks), the sun warming my shoulders, the breeze riffling my hair, the gentle, sometimes bumpy, swaying of the vehicle. The world going quiet around us with nothing disturbing it except the steady clopping of hooves, the creaking of wood and leather, the equine's breathing, and whatever bird happens to be around. I get warm and fuzzy thinking about it.