Just thought I'd put this out there as it's one of those things that slows me down when I'm replying to or writing a post on Blab... but the Smiley "button" that you click on to select the emoticon you want (when you can't remember if it's :"wehaveawinner" or :"haveawinner"!) has some .. outdated (?) emoticons that I know personally I never ever use. So then I've got to go to the "More" button which opens up another browser window, and scroll through everything to find what I need!

The Hamsterdam and Spam take up the most room and if taken out of the quick-click menu, would leave so much more space for the more popular and commonly used emoticons/images. Am I making any sense? Just wondering if this affects anyone else, and if it's something that could be considered by management going forwards Thanks for reading!