Here's a couple of ideas ... if not of interest no worries, but just a try ...

Where do UK peeps gather to meet each other and show off their models? At live shows of course, but other places as well. Is everyone connected with the info on those gatherings?

How often are live shows in the UK - and how large are they in terms of classes, how much of your collection do you get to show? Performance always or just sometimes?

If you show, are you able to get to as many live shows as you'd like, and is driving an issue?

I have to say that, being from Texas (larger than most European nations, France could fit inside without touching the sides, distances can be many driving hours), when I used to to work stints in London and learned that Edinburgh is only 3 hours for London, as far as I was concerned the whole country was in the backyard. Could go anywhere on a day trip (not that I had time but thought it was great).