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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary View Post
    Here's a couple of ideas ... if not of interest no worries, but just a try ...

    Where do UK peeps gather to meet each other and show off their models? At live shows of course, but other places as well. Is everyone connected with the info on those gatherings?

    How often are live shows in the UK - and how large are they in terms of classes, how much of your collection do you get to show? Performance always or just sometimes?

    If you show, are you able to get to as many live shows as you'd like, and is driving an issue?

    I have to say that, being from Texas (larger than most European nations, France could fit inside without touching the sides, distances can be many driving hours), when I used to to work stints in London and learned that Edinburgh is only 3 hours for London, as far as I was concerned the whole country was in the backyard. Could go anywhere on a day trip (not that I had time but thought it was great).
    Where do we gather? ANYWHERE ....
    There are many village hall/community centre shows but there are also quite a few house shows too. Many people live quite close to each other so we do sometimes get to go round to other collectors houses just for natter and a drool .... I had a couple of collectors pop around to mine in the past few weeks to drool at the herd
    The main point of contact is the British Model Horse Collectors FB page where all the events in the year are listed in the files section. This list is also on the BECF website (see links in my signature). This year is a record year with well over 50 live shows, and the number keeps growing. The FB group has 1250 members, and yes we have some members from outside the UK, so come on over and join in the fun

    How often are live shows in the UK?
    At the moment there is at least one nearly every weekend, some weekends folks are doing one show on the Saturday and another on the Sunday! Some weekends there are a couple of shows on at the same time. Show holders try not to 'double book' a show on a weekend where there another planned but the weekends fill up fast. In that case showholders try and keep it so there is one in the south and one in the north so as many people as possible can make it. Shows have an average of around 20 entrants per show ( depending on venue size ) and the shows tend to have around 80-120+ classes.
    Class sizes vary .... it could be just a couple of models to 30+ .... OF and CTF classes tend to be the most popular.

    How much of your collection do you get to show? Performance always or just sometimes?
    When I go to a show I tend to concentrate on the Performance section as that's my 'thing' and I try and take as many Performance models as possible. Shows tend to limit it to 2 or 3 models per person per class. Most of my Performance models are 'one class' entrants, that is they are tacked up for one class and that's it. It's very rare to find one model being used in multiple Performance classes over here. Maybe a English Ridden will then go in Jumping or a Western Pleasure will then be used in Trail but most models tend to be set up just for one class. We don't use a 'points system', Class winners then go through to the section championship.

    After burning myself out in the Performance classes I then tend to show only a few models in the rest of the show cause I'm normally to knackered to do much else lol
    But I try and take an average or around 30 or 40 models per show ( including Perf entries).

    If you show, are you able to get to as many live shows as you'd like, and is driving an issue?
    No - never enough lol. I don't drive so I rely on my OH to take me and as we both work Saturdays I'm restricted to Sunday shows only, and then they need to be about 2 to 2/12 hours drive away maximum as otherwise it's too much for us. Petrol is about £1.17 per litre at the moment which is quite low ... it does go up to nearly £1.30 at times so it can be expensive for a long trip. Personally we don't tend to do 'over night' trips as the budget/time won't allow
    Yes it's true that we are not large country and you can do almost top to bottom in one day but that would mainly be via motorway driving. Many of us live 'off the beaten track' where it is smaller and much slower roads and a 20 mile journey could take over an hour at times! For me it take nearly an hour just to get to a motorway! Then there are the road works to deal with!

    This is fun

    Next questions ...
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