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What a fantastic idea ^_^

I totally get your comment Mary about the size of UK versus Texas.. but via what mode of transport was Edinburgh only 3 hours aha.. it takes me 7 hours by train to get there from Norfolk aha. I agree that the roads can be bad... from Norfolk it takes ages to even get to a motorway.. so for instance just getting to an event in Yorkshire took me 4+hours. And to go to my closest live show will take me between 1.5 -2 hours if I drive fast aha. BUT I know I'm being picky here.. I've been to the USA a few times and looked at the map and thought WOW at the size (but I feel you have much better roads!!). ANYWAY!

To reiterate.. great idea ^_^
I dunno what mode of transport, good point. Me 'n another Texas were in London looking at a road map - this was a long time ago - and I think we may have calculated "120 miles" and being Texans were like "Get in the car, let's go!"

London colleagues: "Why?"

Us Texans: "To see it!"

London colleagues: "Why?"

It was definitely a different mindset. We were of the several generation of American midwesterners raised to "go see" things, just to have seen and experienced them. It was so far to everything, it was the only way to see something different than the local, so let's go.

I'm sure we were thinking in terms of American interstate highway system. Where it is long, flat and almost straight, and you can almost put a foot on the dashboard, crank up the radio, eat chips and drive one-handed for hundreds of miles. Just kidding. Sort of.

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Yes it's true that we are not large country and you can do almost top to bottom in one day but that would mainly be via motorway driving. Many of us live 'off the beaten track' where it is smaller and much slower roads and a 20 mile journey could take over an hour at times! For me it take nearly an hour just to get to a motorway! Then there are the road works to deal with!

This is fun

Next questions ...
Re the roadways: Aha! That makes sense.

I think that is similar in the U.S. just about anywhere, once one is on local roads and off the interstate. But population-wise things tend to be near the interstate highway (roughly equivalent to the M1).

With only 20 entrants per show, could you fill several shows on the same weekend? The list of 1250 is quite a few, even if you figure most are not actively showing.