What a cool idea!

The last time I went to a model horse show as nearly 12 years ago, when I was 13/14 and relying on my good ol' dad to take me to a village hall to look at some plastic ponies that he was fairly sure I'd grow out of (I already had a real one, why would I need plastic ones too?). I've had to take a step back from the real horse this year as I'm expecting my first baby in August, so I've kind of thrown myself into the model world to compensate! I've got my first show in ages in July which is only about 20 mins away from me (I am not a confident driver, so my dad giving me lifts has been replaced by Husband!), Most shows seem to be about 2/3 hours away.
I'm working on my first custom model.... also being a bit of a drastic one with legs being moved and new mane/tail added... and I would love to try my hand at performance at some point. But it does mean purchasing tack and riders which can get expensive.