I will go to 1 show in Bristol this year when a friend comes over from Germany. Other than that I find it extremely difficult to get to live shows. I have no car and most live shows are far away from any railway station and even bus stops. i had to walk on the street without a pedestrian walk from a bus stop once . And i still have no idea how to go about car sharing . I went to quite a few Live shows in Germany where I had a car and I almost always took other peope with me . Made it possible to go to live shows further away since we would share the costs. Now I don't habve a car and I don't want one, don't really want to drive (really can't wait for self driving cars) so i can't even get to live shows. Another thing is you really have to be there the minute a show holder announces the show, otherwise you're too late. and then I feel bad for taking a place because I'm not that competitive, I only do that to see other people's models and to get out of my cave, met people but I could not care less about live show placings. I might be happy about a placing the moment I get it but later the ribbons are just laying around.
I sometimes miss Germany , meeting with other sollector's to go on foto tours. But going out, making scenery fotos, telling stories about our model horse ranches seams to be a mainly german thing. as you can see in the lack of a photo forum on Blab.