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Thread: Welcome to the UK Happenings Forum!

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    Hi fellow UK Blabbers!

    I've gotten back on Blab to sell some Breyerfest tickets after a long break (so long I had lost my original username) ... anyway, I'm an American but have lived here for two years and counting. Most of my models are in the US in storage, but would definitely love to try to get into the hobby here.
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    Have you looked at the Copperfox Tour events?

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    I hadn't heard about these, but sadly the only one near enough for me to attend is on a Sunday. I work on Sundays, so that won't work. Thanks for letting me know about them. I've also gotten on the Facebook group for BMHC so here's hoping I can find ways to get involved soon!

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    Hi to all fellow Brits / UK collectors on here! Nothing to add other than a friendly wave hello for now! Venetia (in Wiltshire, England)

    *edit* Actually, I have a quick question: where do all the UK collectors tend to hang out online nowadays? Checked back into MHL yesterday after a few years away and it was deathly quiet. I've been out of things for a while so I suspect things have probably moved on - do most things happen on Facebook now? Are there any other UK forums worth investigating?
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    Most people seem to have gravitated to Facebook these days unfortunately- I really want to try to get MHL back to how it once was but I'm seriously lacking in motivation recently.
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    I assume most are on FB. It's a shame forums are generally so quiet, FB is good for some things but you can't beat forums either.

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    That's sad. Forums are easier to navigate as you have all the different sections and threads.... in FB there are a plethora of different groups and threads and posts get lost so quickly.... how does anyone keep up!? Also I don't like to be in any open groups as I prefer to keep my model horse activity private.
    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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    Hello Liberty!

    I'm not on FB, so I use this forum and have found it to be friendly and helpful. It's the only model horse forum that I have been on, but I have found that I have got helpful answers to my questions pretty quickly.

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    That's really nice and good to hear. I like this forum the best out of any I've been on. I love how busy and active it is and the wide range of topics. And how well organised it is too. Also, as a Brit I find it very interesting to have an insight into the North American hobby world
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    That's so true, it's nice to learn new things and to see how things are done in other countries.

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    Realised I hadn't introduced myself on this forum yet!

    I'm Jody, I'm 22 and a Bath Spa Uni graduate that now works in a school in Bath. My collection has largely shifted to CM/AR/Commercial, but I still have some plastics and my beloved CTFs! I also needlefelt, and like creating my own I'm hoping to learn to sculpt and paint soon. I show pretty regularly, maybe a few times a month, and will be at BMECS over the weekend I adore native ponies, especially Welshies and Exmoors, so they form a considerable chunk of my collection showing under the 'Penrhyn' prefix for Welshies and 'Wheddon Cross' for Exmoors.
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    Hello, Another British person here..My main 'passion' is antique rocking horses, had no idea that adults could buy model horses until last year!
    I used to see Breyers at Badminton, and wished that my son was 'young' enough for them [he is an adult now ]
    Saw a Marwari I loved there, but it never occurred to me that it was ok to buy what I thought of as a 'toy horse' for myself..I was with others, and they would have raised an eyebrow.
    Anyway....on a FB page, an adult bought not one buy two gold Valegros, and another American FB friend said she has lots from her childhood and still buys sought after grails today.
    This gave me 'permission'
    I do love the Copperfox models, especially Connemaras. Bought Jasper and Cadbury, and Prince Cavalier, who was a real surprise, just wasn't expecting to be so pleased with his finish.
    Re Toby, I was lucky to get one with very minor flaws. Becky from Copperfox is very honest and transparent at discussing the factory issues that they had.
    Just read a long thread about Breyer Duende, and the quality of Duende [or rather, lack of it] was shocking..a multi million $ company surely ought to have better controls over their $200 models.
    Re distance in UK...on a coach to London, an American man sat across the aisle, he said ''In Britain, 100 years is nothing, but 100 miles is a long USA, the opposite is true''...
    Fuel here is so £££ as are fares..our roads are congested, but 3-400 year old homes are not that unusual.

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    Hello to my fellow model horse friends in the UK and of course world-wide. I haven't been on Blab for quite a long time but have kept my membership up and I'm very pleased that I have.

    My family moved from the UK to Canada when I was quite small and returned to England in the late 1960s. I grew up with big cars and big roads so I can appreciate that distances can look small in the UK and in theory it would be quick to get from A to B. However, as others have said it is not that easy as the roads are very congested and the price of petrol has rocketed. I do drive but avoid long distances if I can help it as the journeys often take twice as long as anticipated.

    I've been collecting model horses since I was a child and still do today though I haven't been to any shows for a few years - maybe next year when I finally retire from work when I will hopefully have more time!

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    Hello Godolphin!

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