Hello, Another British person here..My main 'passion' is antique rocking horses, had no idea that adults could buy model horses until last year!
I used to see Breyers at Badminton, and wished that my son was 'young' enough for them [he is an adult now ]
Saw a Marwari I loved there, but it never occurred to me that it was ok to buy what I thought of as a 'toy horse' for myself..I was with others, and they would have raised an eyebrow.
Anyway....on a FB page, an adult bought not one buy two gold Valegros, and another American FB friend said she has lots from her childhood and still buys sought after grails today.
This gave me 'permission'
I do love the Copperfox models, especially Connemaras. Bought Jasper and Cadbury, and Prince Cavalier, who was a real surprise, just wasn't expecting to be so pleased with his finish.
Re Toby, I was lucky to get one with very minor flaws. Becky from Copperfox is very honest and transparent at discussing the factory issues that they had.
Just read a long thread about Breyer Duende, and the quality of Duende [or rather, lack of it] was shocking..a multi million $ company surely ought to have better controls over their $200 models.
Re distance in UK...on a coach to London, an American man sat across the aisle, he said ''In Britain, 100 years is nothing, but 100 miles is a long way..in USA, the opposite is true''...
Fuel here is so £££ as are fares..our roads are congested, but 3-400 year old homes are not that unusual.