Blab has lots of UK members and we love you all.

Of course all hobbyists are one community and post wherever they like on Blab. This new forum is a kind of a test to see if our UK members would like a section devoted to the things that are more local to them.

That can include UK events ... I'm sure there are other web forums and locations where this info is exchanged, but hopefully you can now get it on Blab as well.

And fascinations with things that are most popular in the UK. The Julip series comes to mind, and more!

And ... the way things are done in the UK that aren't always shared outside the UK. As I understand it, performance set-ups have different expectations, and it's nice to be able to discuss them with locals, according to 'local rules'.

Maybe non-model-horse topics as well?

Anything else you can think of! It's your forum!

If this forum takes off it will stay ... if in a few months it really hasn't been used much, that's ok, it can sort of distribute back into the rest of Blab. Either way, this is your forum!