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Hello to my fellow model horse friends in the UK and of course world-wide. I haven't been on Blab for quite a long time but have kept my membership up and I'm very pleased that I have.

My family moved from the UK to Canada when I was quite small and returned to England in the late 1960s. I grew up with big cars and big roads so I can appreciate that distances can look small in the UK and in theory it would be quick to get from A to B. However, as others have said it is not that easy as the roads are very congested and the price of petrol has rocketed. I do drive but avoid long distances if I can help it as the journeys often take twice as long as anticipated.

I've been collecting model horses since I was a child and still do today though I haven't been to any shows for a few years - maybe next year when I finally retire from work when I will hopefully have more time!
Good to see you back.