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Thread: Blab Autumn Prizes #1 of 3 - Nail Polish Ponies

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    Default Blab Autumn Prizes #1 of 3 - Nail Polish Ponies

    Blab has 3 sets of prizes to choose from!

    THIS THREAD - #1 - Nail Polish Ponies

    Prizes #2 Thread: Resins, Chinas, Breyer Classic, CollectA's, Older Breyers

    Prizes #3 Thread: Gift Certificates & Blab Swag (t-shirts & totes)

    Link to the main Prize Thread with more details on prize distribution.

    Enjoy the
    Nail Polish Pony Blab Prizes!

    Stablemates painted with nail polish
    by some of our talented members
    and donated for Blab show prizes!

    Above each pony is a code such as VWK-1 or BB-2
    Winners, use these codes AND a brief description when making your selection.
    Those that are no longer available will be marked or removed.

    Blab is continuing to collect as many nail polish ponies as possible for use in future shows.
    They don't have to be blue! Include your name, Blab name & address (for a thank-you card)
    Mail to Model Horse Blab c/o Mary Hirsch,
    2130 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S #12315, College Station, TX 77842

    Scroll down (and down and down) to see all of the nail polish ponies!

    Links to jump to ponies created by ...



    Northern Lone Ranger



    and now scroll down ...
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