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Thread: How to know when to file a claim? Help please!

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    Default How to know when to file a claim? Help please!

    Hello all!
    I recently did a two part payment plan on a Scallywag with a Michelle Plamondon-Bussiere. Michelle lives in Canada and I live in the US Great Lakes area. I paid off the horse early July and told Michelle to hold shipping until I got home from a vacation. She agreed and we timed it to arrive the week I was home. The estimated time of arrival was July 27th, and the last update on the tracking I was provided was stating it was in San Francisco on the 22nd. Obviously we are now a week into August and no horse. I am starting to panic. Additionally in order to contact I need the senders address which I do not have, I asked Michelle to investigate which she stated she would but is now being slow to email me back. What should I do? Is this normal for a time frame across country lines? Has anyone done business with her before? Thanks!

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    My first stop would be to go to the USPS office who delivers to me and ask them to track it. If a piece of mail is stuck in the system somewhere, sometimes a local post office can give it a nudge to keep it moving.

    I would ask them if it was a good idea to file a claim now. Their answer will probably depend on what they find in the tracking system, and if they think they can get it delivered without a claim.

    If they leave it up to you, I would definitely file a claim. Sometimes the more time that passes, the harder to retrieve the item, so it's good to get things moving in the system if you can.

    Hopefully the package has been delivered by now. Good luck! I look forward to hearing how this works out!
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    Was it at another US Post Office for customs, or is it going through Customs in San Francisco? When I order internationally, it usually sits in Chicago for awhile before moving again. Perhaps that's what's happening? I've had boxes sit for 2-3 weeks before clearing customs.

    See if the post office can track it for you. Sometimes just having them do that seems to get it moving again.
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    If she shipped from Canada via Canada Post then you can check with USPS and try from your end with finding it but for a claim the sender has to start one with Canada Post. I shipped a package to someone in the States and it said delivered but they never got it. I contacted USPS directly at the post office it went to but for any kind of claim I needed to do it with Canada Post. I did make a claim with them on line.

    It's rare I find for a package being shipped from Canada to the US to be held up with customs for this long from my experience. Normally hold ups happen the other way, from the US to Canada.

    It could just be sitting at the last location (San Fran) or it was moved on and the scan was missed. Regardless though she needs to start something and I recommend you starting from your end too. Hope this helps.

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    All ended well. Seller was able to push the package out of San Francisco where it sat for over two weeks with constant nagging phone calls. Yay Michelle! Scallywag even made it home in time to win an OF Stock Breed Championship under the name "Lost in the Mail"

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    So happy for you that all worked out!

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    Love the name! Glad it worked out.

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