My dad purchased a refurbished laptop in late March off of eBay. He also purchased a Square Trade warranty for it.

First problem: HE purchased it...didn't have me purchase it using my eBay ID, he purchased it as a guest. First purchase on eBay, ever.

Second problem: when it arrived, it didn't work. Hard drive wasn't even connected. He's a computer geek (been working on computers for as long as there have BEEN computers, he knows what he's doing), so he attached it...and it still didn't work.

So, he contacted the seller. Thought he had worked out to get it returned, but never received the return slip (as far as I know). After a couple more attempts, the seller stopped responding at all. Seller actually has a VERY good reputation on eBay, so I'm not sure where the breakdown in communication came in.

His life at the time was fairly chaotic...he had just lost his job and the laptop was to help him work to find a new job. Various other issues came up related to the job loss (finding health insurance is a full-time job, among other things). I asked him to give me the laptop a couple of time so I could figure out what to do...if he had done so at the beginning, I might have been able to call the seller and get them to send ME a return slip, so I could deal with the return...or something...

So, recently, hubby decided he needed a laptop and we asked Dad about this thing. Picked it up and hubby decided it was too small (he wants a 15.6" screen, this one was 14") and would take too much work.

I found that Dad had left the packing list in the box and that he had purchased a Square Trade warranty for the laptop. Only to find out that, since it arrived broken, they won't honor said warranty because we were supposed to work things out with the seller.

So, now what?

I told Dad to file a claim with his credit card (because he paid with credit card and NOT PayPal ). But, I'm not sure what their limitations are...they may deny it just because it's been so long.

Next time, just let ME do the eBay purchasing.

Is there anything else I/we can do? Besides list the stupid thing for parts and get a couple bucks back...