Just a note that Hurricane Harvey (Storm Harvey) could be slowing down some shipments, even if they aren't coming from, or going to, southeast Texas.

Houston is a major postal and commercial shipper hub, and because the airports have been closed, there are now massive backups of stuff to ship many delivery times are delayed for commercial shippers, as well as the USPS.

All US postal service to zip codes beginning with 778 has been suspended "indefinitely". All US postal services have been suspended in this area since Monday Aug. 28th.

UPS told me that they are re-routing to Dallas but the volume is creating a slow-down.

This will probably be over soon as both Houston airports are opening today. However, they have a huge backup of stuff to ship, for the USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. And there is priority being given to relief flights.

The post offices aren't open here, no staff is on site, and we are not in a flood area. The lobby machines to mail packages are also closed. You can put small mail through the slots until the bins are full, but it is going nowhere. There is a note taped to the door that "your mail is safe". A US Postal Service government phrase if ever I heard one.