I have to apologize for everyone waiting for Blab prizes. You will absolutely get yours! It is just taking more time ...

I haven't even had a chance to put two cents into the Harvey thread - and I have a LOT of opinions on what has been going on with this storm and the people end of it !!!

Crossing fingers alone is not quiiiiiiite enough to be so bold as to say that I feel certain we will not be on television wading through the streets to rescue, so I didn't just say that. I feel fairly certain that this area north of the major storm flooding will continue to be safe and we will keep power and the toilets will flush (that is sometimes a problem with too much rain). And the grocery stores will keep re-stocking, and we'll be able to get there around high water and road washouts. There & back, since things can change fast.

I have relatives up from the coast staying with us as evacuees, and I've been teasing them that they didn't run far enough! So I have two fragile elderly, two dogs, two able cousins, an old and fragile house, and we are watching carefully to be sure we don't need to move to a local hotel or pack up and run further north. Good chance we'll be able to stay put, which will be much better for the elderly who don't travel well.

Plan A, Plan B and Plan C are all lined up! The relatives will not have any way to get through the road closures to their homes 200+ miles south of here, on the coast, for some days to come. I think we'll get the household on a stable routine so that instead of having to be putting things right all the time, I'll be doing a lot more Blabbing.

Just for fun, here's the Texas road closure map. Expand the page to greater than 100% for a better/closer view. I'm in College Station northwest of Houston, west of Huntsville. Right now, so many closures are marked that it is hard to read the names. The blue bar circles are closures.

The rivers aren't so visible on that map, but CS has the Brazos River on the west side and the Navasota River on the east side. Both are rising but last I checked, not in major flood mode at this moment. Just for more fun, here's the Brazos level chart (next to Bryan is here). That's what ya call a trend! The Brazos is not typically deep, and it is at the bottom of steep cut-bank ravines, so it can rise quite a bit before it overtops. If it does overtop it spreads massively over fairly flat terrain, many roads will be flooded and much livestock at risk.

Back to your regularly scheduled Blabbing ...