Add me to the list of those who hate FedEx! Two years ago I ordered a new laptop. My previous laptop was 100% dead and I desperately needed a replacement so I could work on midterm papers/projects. And of course, because I needed it RIGHT NOW, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. First, the company I ordered it from postponed the shipping date multiple times, to the point where I had to sign a waiver that essentially said "it's okay, I'm not going to sue you for how long this is taking." When it finally did ship, it got handed off to FedEx, because that was the only carrier they offered. Oh. My. Gosh. They took the slowest, stupidest, most roundabout route getting that computer to me. Between the delays and the slow shipping, I ended up waiting about two months for it to arrive. Given some of the other stories on this thread, though, I suppose I should be glad it arrived at all.