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I have never ever received a person package on time from FedEx. FedEx delivers just fine when it comes work orders though...
I'm not discrediting anything posted here at all but I ship pretty much exclusively with FedEx for our companies USA shipments and 99% of the shipments have been perfect. BUT!!!! We always ship fully insured value (sometimes VERY expensive) and choose the 2 business day International Economy service, if not the overnight Priority so it's megga bucks. Megga. And not residential only business addresses. I suspect this may factor into it. So top dollar and it get there without a hitch.

I have used pretty much every courier service over the years with shipping. They all have epicly failed at one time or the other. This will also appy to freight transport companies too. Don't even get me started on that (example "We Can't find the 35' 500lbs steel tube that we say was shipped to France but never got on the boat") I think I may have a permanent bruise on my forehead from banging it off the desk.