Oooh, ooooh, I've got another one.

Husband came home today to a box sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. People have to walk around it. He rolls his eyes and schleps it inside. It's addressed to someone in a town 15 miles away.... there is nothing remotely similar in the name, address, or zip code of that recipient to our address... Tonight at a meeting, our neighbor sat down next to us and mentions the box. He asked if what was inside was ok, because he said the FedEx truck pulls over, tosses the box out the back door, and drives off. So apparently, it's easier to jettison someone's package at some random address in the wrong town than to actually deliver it.

FedEx customer service has been called. Driver's behavior as seen by neighbor was reported. AND THEY HAD THE GALL TO ASK IF WE COULD JUST TAKE IT TO THE RECIPIENT rather than have FedEx come pick it up. We have done so in the past as FedEx deliveries tend to be random in town, with people carrying boxes walking around in the evening delivering to the correct house and hunting for their packages, but this is 15 miles away, and in the wrong direction from where we drive for work. Or we could take it to a shipping center 27 miles away.

We tracked down the phone number for the recipient (gotta love rural communities where somebody knows who might know how to get hold of someone else), and he coming by to pick it up in the morning, since it's perishable and if it goes back into the system, it will be another week before it gets to him. He was frantically looking for it because it was marked 'delivered' in the system.

Good lord. I am appalled. Gonna go find some wine or something.