When we had Koi, I think it was FedEx that was supposed to be carrying a box from the shipper to us. Live freight...kind of can't stay in the box for stupid amounts of time. Somehow they just got left on a runway somewhere.... Erm what!? They were paid for OVERNIGHT delivery... what do you mean they missed their flight!? What are you going to DO about it... they only have so much oxygen in the water.... even with the tablets that can be dropped in.

"Well it's not our fault.... delivery is not guaranteed"

What do you MEAN it's not guaranteed.... it's OVERNIGHT DELIVERY!!! I can understand if a weather anomaly grounded the plane... and I can understand sometimes a 2-day delivery gets pushed back for other things... but how do you mess up OVERNIGHT DELIVERY on a box stamped LIVE ANIMALS. I do believe we ended with it's not our problem but we'll get them to you ASAP... good luck? Some how those poor fish managed to show up none the worse for their extra day in shipping box.