Ugh, that sucks! I recently had a fish delivered for the first time, and while it made it to my post office in time for pick up, I went bright and early in the morning to get it and they said they never saw a live fish box (even though it was stamped on ALL sides of the box) and that it must be on the truck already. My postman usually comes around 3:00PM which is a lot of time for a fish to sit in a box in a moving truck when it's already been in that bag for two days since it was shipped. And what made matters worse is that the postman that day was new and was over two hours late and arrived past 5:00PM! When they finally got here and handed me my box they just said "Hope your fish survived" and walked off like it was some casual comment. Um yeah?? I hope it did too, geez! That was USPS though, not Fedex, and luckily the fish did survive just fine.